About Us


Gitz Production was founded in 2015, four years after Antonio Paić started creating his first videos. The team that was formed back then is constantly being “upgraded” with more skilled professionals – from photographers and cameramen to scriptwriters. We understand the technical and artistic aspects of video creation, follow current trends and invest in our equipment; mostly because it lifts the quality our projects to a higher level, but partly also because we are huge geeks for new gadgets and equipment.

Antonio Paić


Hi, I am Antonio – Quality Manager, Producer, Strategist and Person Responsible If You Do or Do Not Like Your Video.

I started Gitz production in 2015, which was a logical step after freelancing on various projects for 4 years before that. That was when my clients recognized me as a trustworthy partner, and their projects needed more people than one – myself.

With the idea of making visually beautiful videos, created with the best equipment I could get my hands on, I gathered a group of people who could deliver the projects in question.

What I am most proud of is that the whole team are professionals in their own areas, and we all breathe as one – which guarantees perfect results that both the client and ourselves will be proud of.

Bruno Zlomislić


My story begins with the purchase of my first full frame camera in 2009. It started out as a hobby, but the amount of time and effort I put into every project soon turned that hobby into a full-time job.

At first, I worked various events, concerts and clubs, but after some time, the projects got more demanding and diverse. The beauty of photography is that every new day and project brings new experiences and people, who turn out to be satisfied clients, whose recommendations bring in new jobs. And that must probably be the biggest satisfaction – creating something that both you and the client are proud of, and something that others recognize as a quality product.

Working with the whole Gitz team gives my day-to-day work a whole new energy, and every member of the team brings something unique to the table. I am, for example, always the tallest one. And the one with the eye for detail and a whole lot of experience, if I might say so.